TAI CHI for beginners

Saturdays | Sept 7 - Oct 26  at 4:30-5:30 PM

Location : 4338 Main Street

Our teacher Pierce Lin will guide you to the fundamental moves and introduce the background and essence of Tai Chi. It’s a perfect class to help you release stress, strengthening the tendons and joints, build the strength and tame your busy mind. This class will be taught in both English and Mandarin. Very limited spots because Pierce will need to walk around and offer adjustment. 

Following is the course outline:
1st Class : Warm Up, Wu-Ji Standing,Bow Step, *Baduanjin Commencing form, 1 & 2
2nd Class: Hun Yuan Standing, Breath adjusting, Baduanjin 3 &4
3rd Class : Raising and falling, Baduanjin 5 & 6
4th Class : False and truth, Badjuajin 7&8
5th Class : Badjuajin 1-8 Review, Tai Chi Cat Step (Forward)
6th Class : Badjuajin 1-8 Review, Tai Chi Cat Step (Backward)
7th Class : Badjuajin 1-8 Review, Tai Chi Cat Step (Sideway)
8th Class : Bajuanjin 1-8 Review, Tai Chi Cat Steps review and Tai Chi 101
*Baduanjin is Chinese health Qigong

THE MAT current members $160 | Super Early Bird: $145  by June 15
THE MAT returning customers $168 | Super Early Bird $160 by June 15
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