Corporate Yoga will help increase productivity and morale in your workplace. Your team and employees are your greatest assets. Having a yoga class at work to help them reduce neck,shoulder and back pain is a great way to take care of them and make sure they feel good at work. 

Through structured and clear instructions, we will focus on neck and shoulder stretching, relieving back pain, chest opening, and brief meditations. This will help your team relax their bodies, calm their minds, and recharge their energy. They will be able to improve their concentration and enhance their work performance. 

All levels are welcome. We will modify the poses to ensure the practice is safe and fun. Our professional and certified instructors will come to your office and give you our best support.

We provide packages for weekly classes but can be flexible to meet your specific needs. Get in touch today to schedule a complimentary sample class to ensure we would be a good fit! 

4 sessions within one month: $440
12 sessions within three months: $1,200 (save $120) 

To save your time on commute, we will come to your office and give you our best support.

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