Our Corporate Yoga focus on mind-body connection. Our goal is to help increase productivity and morale in your workplace.

Employees are the most valuable assets. Our classes can help them reduce neck, shoulder and back pain. We will offer guided meditation and make they feel calm and inspired at work. This brief mind-body integration journey will improve office workers’ concentration and enhance their work performance. 

All levels are welcome. We will modify the poses to ensure the practice is safe and fun. Our professional and certified instructors will come to your office and give you our best support.

50 or 60 min classes are both available or we can 100% customize the class to meet your needs.

What makes us different ?
✅Experienced teachers with true passion.
✅Workplace yoga with studio quality.
✅Hands on adjustment. (We also respect if students prefer not to be adjusted)
✅No repeated sequence, playlist or endless talking. 
✅Creative and also respect the yoga tradition.

$110 per class. 10% off for 3 month contract. 15% off for 6 month contract. 20% off for 1 year contract.

Get in touch today to schedule a complimentary sample class to ensure we would be a good fit! 

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